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Ingredients & Production

Why almonds?

Almonds provide 28 essential nutrients! Top of the list is the natural antioxidant - vitamin E, heart-friendly fatty acids(mono-unsaturated fats), magnesium, calcium and protein, That’s why we keep the almond bits in our every bottle of mylk, so you will take in all the nutrients to your body.


Where do you source your almonds?

We source our almonds from California, US.


Are your almonds raw?

Yes, our almonds are 100% raw and unpasteurised.

What is the difference between your almond mylks and those I buy at grocery stores?

Those you found in the market contain mainly water. In order to compensate the lack of almonds, they add thickeners like carrageenan, xanthangum, cellulose gum. Do you need them? Definitely not!


What percentage of almonds do you use in your almond mylk?

At least 20%. We use whole almonds including the skin. As a point of reference, most other UHT brands generally use between 2-7% almonds and some typically contain almond paste. That means our mylk contains a lot more almonds.


What is the difference between your Unsweetened and Original varieties?

In our Original Almond Mylk, we use a 100% natural sweetener called Medjool Dates, which are a good source of Vitamin A, B6 and minerals.

Why do you add salt?

By adding a small amount of salt during production, the nutty flavor has been enhanced.


Where is it made?

Hong Kong, our lovely home. It’s 100% made and owned in Hong Kong.


Is it lactose free?

Yes, our products are 100% lactose free.


And gluten free?

And yes, our products are also 100% gluten free.


And… Cholesterol free?

Yes again, our products are also 100% cholesterol free.


Are there any artificial additives or preservatives?

No, never! It is 100% natural!


Is there any carrageenan or other stabiliser?

Nope, unlike those you find at grocery store.


Does the mylk contain fat?

Yes, but don’t worry! It’s only high in your heart-healthy good fats. 


Do you have official nutritional information for the mylk?

Certainly, please visit Our Products

What is cold pressed?

Our almond mylks are made with the Hydraulic press, which also called cold press. 

The ingredients are gently pressed by this special machine to extract the nutrients like vitamins, minerals and enzymes, with the minimal oxidation and exposure to the air during production.