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Storage & Consumption

How do I store your almond milk?

Please keep it refrigerated below 4 degrees Celsius at all times. And finish it as soon as you can after it’s opened.


Why the mylk has to be refrigerated?

Because it’s 100% natural! 

Our almond mylk is unlike other brands you find at grocery stores that are heat-pasteurised or add lots of harmful preservatives, which makes them sit on the shelf for months.


What are the brown specks at the bottom of the bottle?

The brown specks are Medjool Date and almond bits. 

When the product has been sitting, they sink to the bottom creating the red-brown specks. Always shake the mylk before you consume.


After sitting in the fridge for a while, the mylk starts separating, is it normal?

Yes because we do not add thickeners or stabilisers.

Separation is the proof that our mylk is 100% natural. 

Shake well before use. 


What is the shelf life of our almond mylks?

They last for 3-5 days from the day it is made. 

The truly natural ingredients give the mylks a short lifespan. Keep them chilled, and less temperature fluctuations help maintain its freshness.


What can I use the almond mylks for?

You can add it to your daily coffee, tea, protein smoothies, cereal, acai bowls, porridge, baking etc. You can also add some super food to enhance its nutrition value or flavor, e.g. matcha powder, cacao powder, chiaseeds.


Can I drink it after the Use By Date?

We don’t recommend it.


Can I freeze it?

Yes, you can but we cannot guarantee the shelf life if you do this.


Can I warm it?

Yes for sure! The mylk will be thickened when you warm it. We love to enjoy one before bed.


How long will it last once opened?

Typically our mylk will last up to 24hrs once opened, if stored below 4 degrees. But it taste so much better when you consume immediately after opened.


Can I feed my baby with almond mylk?

We don’t recommend babies under a year old to consume our mylks.


I am pregnant/lactating, can I drink your almond mylk?

We don't recommend this as our almond mylks are raw and unpasteurised. If in doubt, please seek advice from your GP.